Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Lovely Living: Cozy Autumn Evenings Spent with Classic Literature Coloring Books

I've had some stressful family emergencies lately to help out with, and now that the worst is past, I am greatly in need of some downtime by my fireplace. I'm building several quiet evenings into my calendar this week. I'll pour wine, tea or cocoa (depending on my mood), light the fire, move my dogs' beds closer to the fireplace, and settle in with magazines and some coloring projects. I'm hoping to reduce my stress and calm down a bit.

Here are some of the literary-themed coloring books tempting me! (I included Amazon affiliate links for them - a small fee will be paid by Amazon if you purchase through these links. This helps to offset some of Lovely Living's blogging expenses, hope you don't mind!)

In the Wuthering Heights adult coloring book you can color in scenes of Catherine, Heathcliff, the moors, and the gothic house.

The coloring scenes inside A Christmas Carol Coloring Classic are much cheerier than I'd expected. Instead of grim lecturing ghosts, the pages feature festive feasts, pies, dazzling shop windows, and cozy indoor scenes.

Shakespeare fans might enjoy coloring the star-crossed lovers in the Romeo and Juliet Classic Coloring book. The illustrations inside are really charming and precious.

I think I might find the Anne of Green Gables coloring book extra relaxing. The book takes you on a picturesque tour of Prince Edward Island.

The Color Me Jane adult coloring book features both quotes from the books and scenes featuring Austen's characters.

Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Austen novel, so I'm going to definitely buy and enjoy this Pride and Prejudice: A Coloring Classic book.

Abrams Noterie's Classic Coloring: Jane Austen features 55 removable plates. After coloring, you can frame them to hang on your walls.

Another classic coloring book with removable plates is their Alice coloring edition.

If I'm short on time and want to feel like I've gotten something accomplished, I turn to less intricate adult coloring books such as Quotes to Color books. This one features Anne of Green Gables quotes, such as "I don't want to be anyone but myself."

Or perhaps She Said It Best: Jane Austen: Wit & Wisdom to Color & Display is more to your liking if you want to color quotes.

And here's another, perhaps simpler, Jane Austen Quotes coloring book.

Enjoy your coloring!


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